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Santa Fe > Taos > Las Vegas – 225 mile loop

North of Santa Fe I took the high road to Taos and passed through land grants, native american villages and numerous smallish reservations at between 7 and 8 thousand feet altitude.  At times the road was broad and fast, at other times it narrowed to a windey village lane.

Brunch was an “omelette supérieure” at Michaels Restaurant in Taos.  The old couple smiled at me despite my bulk and thuggish air.  We introduced ourselves on leaving, me from England living in southern Arizona, they from Germany living in Las Vegas, NM.  “That’s where I’m going next” I said. They were thrilled, told me what a beautiful route it is, that they drive it often, and assured me there was no snow on the road. It reminded me of the Alps, and I expect it reminded them of southern Germany.

Over the mountains from Taos to Las Vegas, NM

In Las Vegas (not *the* Vegas, a lesser known Vegas) there was a steam locomotive built in 1902 for the “Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway” aka Santa Fe railroad, last used in 1953 a year before I was born.

How transportation has changed…

Followed by a fast sail “home” on I-25 South, a fun range of riding styles and pace for a half-day outing.

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