Rob Stansfield

Philomorph with a sense of adventure and lots of curiosity


The animated site logo is the most beautiful (really) protein molecule in our bodies - ferritin - on which I did my post-doctoral work. Its cubic crystals have an astonishing amount of symmetry. My early career in crystallography is described under Science, where you will find my list of publications. Or click below to see my geometric sculptures.
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Dual competencies

As a creative professional with a background in experimental science and advanced degrees in science and in business, I have lived and worked in the UK, in France, and in the USA. After starting my career as a research scientist, I gained twenty years experience of Information Technology leadership in pharmaceutical Research & Development (R&D). Most recently I have worked in nonprofits, including co-founding the nonprofit startup Illustrative Mathematics and putting in place the technology, systems and processes for web development, accounting, payroll, employee benefits and HR administration.

Dual competencies, dual career, dual nationality, bilingual, quelle symétrie!


Since early 2018 I have worked for the Center for Economic Integrity as Communications Director, establishing a digital infrastructure (coalition websites, donor database, mailing lists etc.) to increase organizational capacity, adding accounting and payroll in 2019.

For profit

In the three years leading up to 2012, working for a leading international pharmaceutical company:

  • I led the investigation into Cloud Computing for R&D
  • I chaired the Cross Pharma HPC group – an industry forum for sharing non-proprietary information and best practices for High Performance Computing (HPC) in the Life Sciences
  • I pioneered Agile methodologies for project management in R&D
  • I developed the first website based on Microsoft SharePoint for collaboration in R&D

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